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(Contains details about shredder, composter and automatic organic waste converter



Automatic compost machine converts wet green kitchen waste into very rich and high quality organic compost in 24 hours. Compost is organic manure that increases the yield of crop.

You can use this compost for your garden or sell it to any other end user and earn money.

Please note that suppliers who claim that their compost machines can process your green waste into compost in 30 minute is a misleading statement because they use heating process that burns most of the rich contents of manure and reduce its quality. Our automatic compost machine takes 24 hours and slowly converts the waste into compost through natural process and gives highly rich organic compost (manure).


Download brochure for fully automatic composting machine (PDF)

These compost machines are available in 50 kg to 300 Kg of wet green waste input capacity. 100 Kg machine is suitable for less than 200 flats in a society. If investment is Rs 100 per flat per month, the cost of the 100 Kg compost machine can be recovered in about 2 years. If you consider selling the manure then the recovery would be faster.

This compost machine requires manual feeding of the wet green waste / garbage into the hopper. This can be done by the housekeeping staff. Once the feeding is done all operations from chopping, mixing and processing the wet green garbage into high quality rich manure is done in 24 hours. After 24 hours (that is the next day), the manure can be taken out and fresh garbage can be fed. This manure can be directly used in soil or can be stored for later use.

This compost machine can be installed in the open ground with roof to protect it from rain and sun. It can also be installed inside a covered area as well as building terrace. If your building lift size is small than it cannot be taken to terrace. 

Floor area required would be 5 feet X 9 feet approximately for medium capacity compost machine ( 100 to 300 Kg). 

Weight of the compost machine is about 1000 Kg to 1500 Kg for medium capacity compost machine.

Cost of the compost machine depends on the capacity. 


This is a mini compost machine for home that converts wet green kitchen waste into very rich and high quality organic manure (compost). 

We have two models -

Single Door model 

Size approx 16 inch length X 15 inch breadth X 15 inch height. Weight 10 Kg

Double Door model 

Size approx 16 inch length X 19 inch breadth X 15 inch height. Weight 13 Kg

No bad smell and very easy operation. Can be hung on balcony grill too.

Download Home Compost machine brochure (PDF)




1) Shredder to convert kitchen waste into compost. Useful for small bungalow and small building with few apartments.

2) Organic waste converter for converting shredded waste into compost.

3) Semi automatic compost machine having shredder and mixer to make compost.



Process of breaking down the organic matter (green wet waste) in presence of air, water and micro organisms and insects present in the nature is called composting.

Compost is the result of composting. It contains healthy nutrients for plant and soil like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other elements.

Composting takes about 24 hours to be ready to use. But if continuously exposed to air for longer time (about 10 days) will make it richer. Therefore, if the compost is used soon after 24 hours, it still continues to get richer in the plant bed when it comes in contact with atmospheric air. Storing the compost in gunny bags soon after 24 hours process will not make it richer, hence it is advisable to let it be stored in open areas or stored on the shelf trays in a rack for 10 days.

For any inquiry regarding our compost machine, please send email to providing your contact cell number, name and location address.


Install composting machine and help to make clean and green society


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