Stop burning farm waste and make biogas CNG fuel


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Villages can become self sufficient by stopping to burn farm waste and convert it into biogas fuel. This way the air pollution will stop. Delhi, Haryana and Punjab strongly require to stop air pollution by not burning fields. Smog and smoke is reaching new levels in Delhi and Haryana.

Villagers can use animal dung and household green waste to obtain free fuel and manure for themselves. Companies can fund such projects through their CSR activity. 

Why to waste your hard earned money when you can obtain free fuel from the locally available green waste or animal dung? Setting up of biogas-power, biogas-cng or biomass fuel plant is very easy.

Biomass resources such as animal dung, poultry dung, agriculture wastes and other organic wastes are available in plenty in your neighborhood in your village. You can easily set up a plant to convert this waste into bio gas a fuel to be used in your house for cooking, generating electricity, cooling, running vehicle, etc. The residual organic slurry is used as organic manure for your garden and field as supplement to chemical fertilizers. 

With about 304 million cattle in India, there exists an immense potential of about 18,240 million cubic meter of biogas generation annually. The unemployed youth should exploit this great self employment potential.

India is implementing one of the World’s largest program in renewable energy. The country ranks second in biogas utilization. Biogas can be generated and supplied round the clock in contrast to solar and wind, which are intermittent in nature. Biogas plants provide three-in-one solution of gaseous fuel generation, organic manure production and wet biomass waste disposal/management. 

Here is a sketch of a typical biogas plant to generate gobar-gas.

How can we help you?

We are very sound in technical aspects of making, sourcing accessories, and implementing the biogas plants on turn key basis. After visiting the site we use our experience and expertise to set up a biogas plant for you at the most economical way utilizing the government subsidies and economic loan available under various schemes.

If you have a an existing biogas plant and having some difficulty, we can help you solve your problems to make the existing plant up and running. But our work is most effective when we set up new units with our own planning.


How to get self employed?

You can take loan and benefits of government subsidy to set up your own biogas CNG bottling plant, electricity generation plant or simply a small unit for household cooking by using the cow dung (gobar) as raw material. In this way you not only generate profits for yourself but also give employment to others in your village.

Large quantity of organic manure that is generated during the biogas generation gives good yield in farming. It can be sold in the market for good income.

Visit our photo gallery to see the photos of the plant.

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