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Plant suppliers for bio gas, bio-cng, biomass briquettes and compost


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We are consultant and plant supplier for biogas and biomass briquettes projects. We also help in troubleshooting the biomass briquettes production defects and issues. We are experts in biomass briquette manufacturing and know the various problems that crop up due to bad installation, bad handling and poor maintenance of the machines.

Green Earth Consultant is focused to generate employment in the country. We help and guide the unemployed to start their venture with government loan.

With removal of waste from villages and cities to convert it into bio fuel, briquettes and compost, we are contributing to make Indian villages clean and green, simultaneously giving free fuel to villagers and organic manure to the farmers at very cheap rate.

Green Earth Consultant helps the corporate companies to use their CSR funds in effective and fruitful manner to develop villages and uplift the poor or the needy.




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